Coupon Abbreviations and Lingo

$/x::  This represents a certain dollar amount off of a specific number of items. Example: $1/2 is one dollar off two items and $1/3 is one dollar off of three items.

x/$::  This represents how many items you can get for a certain dollar amount. Example: 2/$5 means that two items will cost five dollars.


AC::   After Coupon – The price of an item after the coupon is deducted.

AR::  After Rebate – The price of an item after the rebate is deducted.


Blinkies::  Blinkies are red coupon dispensers that blink!  Simple, huh?  You will generally find them on store shelves in front of the promoted item. These coupons may be used at any store which accepts manufacturer coupons.  These are the Smart Source Coupon Machines.

BOGO or B1G1::  Buy One Get One. BOGO generally means that if you buy one item then you get one of the same item for free.

BOGO1/2P:: If you buy one item then you get the second item at half price.

B1G1F::  Buy One Get One Free.

BTFE::  Box Tops for Education. (This is a school reward program.)

B&M or Brick & Mortar::  This refers to stores with a physical address as opposed to online retailers.


CATALINA or CAT::  These coupons print separately from the store receipt.  They are typically printed on receipt-like paper and given to you along with your receipt.  These coupons are only good at the store that gave them to you. 

CLFE::   Campbell’s Labels for Education This is a school reward program.

CNP::  Coupon Near Product – When a coupon is displayed near a product.

CPN::  Coupon

CRT::  Cash Register Tape


DND::  Do not Double

DOUBLE COUPON::  The value of the coupon may be doubled by the store.


EB/ECB::  ExtraCare Bucks you can earn and use at CVS.  This is a shopper rewards program.

ES or ESR::  Easy Saver Rebate program from Walgreens.

ETA::  Edited to Add

EXP::  Expires


FAR::  Free After Rebate

FIC::  Fresh Idea Card


GC::  Gift Card, Gift Certificate

GDA::  Good Deal Alert

GG::  Grocery Game

GM::  General Mills – Coupon Insert


HBA::  The health and beauty aisle section of the store.

HCW::   Hot Coupon World

HDA::  Hot Deal Alert

HT or HGT::  Hang tags for refunds or coupons hanging on a product.


IVC::  Walgreen’s Instant Value Coupon

IP or IPQ::  Internet Printable Coupon

IVC::  Instant Value Coupon.  This is the Walgreens Store coupon found in their monthly Easy Saver Booklet.


K::  Kellogg’s  Sunday paper coupon insert.


MFR::  Manufacturer or Manufacturer’s Coupon

MIR:: Mail in Rebate


NED::  No Expiration Date


OOP::  Out of Pocket

OOS::  Out of Stock

OYNO::  On Your Next Order


P&G::  Proctor & Gamble

Peelie::  These are some of my favorite coupons as they are an unexpected surprise! Peelies are coupons attached directly to the product.

PSA::  Prices Starting At


Q::  Coupon


RC::  Raincheck

RP::  Red Plum

RR::  Register Rewards at Walgreens


SS::  Smart Source coupons insert found in the Sunday newspaper. Also may refer to Sunday Suppliment coupons.

Stacking::  Using more than one coupon on one item. It can also refer to using an item that is marked down.


Tear Pad or TP::  Tear Pads are usually located on the shelf or a display near an advertised product.  The Tear Pad has coupons or rebate forms attached and can be used in any store that accepts manufacturer’s coupons.

TRIPLE COUPON:: A coupon that a store will triple in value.


UPC::  Universal Product Code


WT or Winetag::  These are coupons or rebates that are placed over the neck of products that are packed in bottles and jars. 

WYB::  When You Buy


YMMV::  Your Mileage May Vary.  This means that depending on the store’s policies, the coupon/deal may or may not work.
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