Adopt the “Paw”some Way to a Healthier Looking You

Are you an ardent animal lover? We bet you are, just like the any other homeowner who treasures their pets! And why not; dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, macaws, guinea pigs – whatever pet you own, you would agree that they have transformed your life in the most unexpected ways. Your pets are always around to welcome you with warmth and affection; just a wag of their tail is enough to understand how much you mean to them.

If you’re intrigued by figures, here goes nothing: it has come to be known that about 70-80 million dogs and about 74-96 million cats are pets to homeowners in the United States! That’s a pretty awesome number! But if you were to ask, how many of those pets are in perfectly good health, one is not as sure. True, you love your pets to your wits end, but are you sure you’ve done everything to make sure their health is not compromised? Hold that thought.

There are no shortcuts to keeping your pets healthy

Let’s start with vaccination. It’s an absolute must that you make a visit to the vet and get your pet examined and vaccinated to keep it safe and secure from impending diseases. Often, when not treated in time, the disease can spread to anybody who comes in contact with your pet. This can get ugly and out of control if you procrastinate matters any further. Rather than playing god, make sure you talk things out with your vet to keep your furry friend in check. Health is crucial to pets just like it is with you and me.

That being said, if you have a pet and think it can help somebody come to terms with their anxiety and depression, make sure you go for the service dog letter. If you’re wondering what in the world that is: the letter is a written declaration from a licensed therapist or mental health professional that confirms that your pet is suitable to function as a emotional support service animal.

Get your pet to pull you out from your deepest, darkest fears

Say, you’re having a tough time battling an emotional disorder; you’re authorized to keep an emotional support animal to overcome your trouble areas. Animals when tamed and domesticated to help someone in need of emotional support can be wonderful healers. Their innate ability to de-stress and calm the nerves in the oddest and heightened scenarios is not surprising.

Service animals have come to the rescue to those seeking an emotional companion and even those who need help getting around daily chores. These service animals are specially designed to help you get your confidence back, while minimizing any symptoms of mental illness. However, be sure that you keep a service dog letter handy if anyone were to question you about your emotional support animal.

Having trouble getting your furry companion to share your space?

This can be quite a draining experience considering you’re bound to come across homeowners who might be following a pet-free policy. However, they can’t hold on to that too long. Why? Because according to the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988, a property owner needs to make arrangements for a person who’s in dire need of a service animal.

Further to this, these service animals must be allowed in the living space of an individual requiring their services. What’s more? The landlord is not authorized to request anything unreasonable from a person with a service animal. All you need is a formal service dog letter that confirms your pet’s status.

Bounce back to good health with your pets

Yes, you would need to take your meds as prescribed by your physician, but you wouldn’t mind that when you have your “paw”some buddy to keep a check on you. If you didn’t know this already, your pet might be just the perfect healer to help you control potential health hazards:

Lower cholesterol – When you walk your dog, you’re unconsciously keeping your cholesterol within control

Calming your senses – Remember that feeling of extreme joy, it’s your oxytocin levels screaming happiness! Your pets can have that kind of effect on you by lowering your stress levels and calm your nerves.

Lowering blood pressure – When you pet your pooch or cat, you’re inadvertently lowering your blood pressure – that’s an elated you and a happier pet!

Here’s the big one: If you have a toddler and you have a pet around, the chances of your bundle of joy developing hay fever and allergies are minimal! So how about you do your health a favor and get a pet to keep you going for a lifetime of happiness! We’ve just scraped the tip of the iceberg, there’s more goodness in store when you get your service pet.

Get your confidence back with a service pet to assist you in the best way possible. It’s legit, and it’s your way forward.


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