Community Guidelines

Within a community, it is important to maintain guidelines. Those found in violation of these rules and guidelines are subject to being removed and banned from the A Money Maven community without notice.


The following Community Standards are subject to change and modification without notice.

  • No Spamming: That’s just a given!  This will result in your membership being withdrawn. Feel free to promote your blog and articles on A Money Maven – make sure they are placed in the correct article areas, groups and forums – not posted numerous times throughout the site.
  • No attacking/bullying: Messages, comments, etc… that attack another member for any reason will result in your membership being withdrawn. We can disagree without attacking.


The following guidelines must be met in order for your articles to be accepted and published on A Money Maven. If your blog post does not meet these requirements, it will be rejected/deleted without notice. The Article Guidelines are subject to change and modification without notice.

Posts should not simply be an invitation to click over to your blog. It must contain actual content.

What your post can not contain:

  • Giveaways. Giveaways hosted by you or another influencer can not be published on A Money Maven.
  • If it is simply a teaser and link back to your blog – it will be removed.
  • If you have published only a link – it will be removed.
  • Every effort should be made to use proper grammar. Poor grammar, sentence and paragraph structure will cause it to be automatically rejected/deleted.
  • This is a tricky one, as you are allowed to promote affiliate links – which are always a promotion of a product or service.  However, posts are not to be a marketing platform for brands/direct sales companies, whether or not you are a representative/member or owner of that company.  This means sponsored content!  If you are receiving a flat fee to post the article to A Money Maven or you blog, then it is not allowed.
  • Posts should be in a user-friendly and easily readable font and color.
  • Posts should be divided into paragraphs where appropriate.
  • Again, posts can not be a marketing platform for brands, services or businesses. If you would like to advertise on A Money Maven, please contact us at
  • Posts can not contain illegal or abusive content.
  • No Publishing of Sponsored Content: Members are not able to use A Money Maven for marketing of their sponsored content and are not to publish their sponsored content to the community. Members in violation of this will be immediately banned without notice. What is Sponsored Content? Sponsored Content is any material/content for which you have been given a flat fee to post.  We retain the right to determine if an article falls under this category.
  • Posts that are simply an image will likely be rejected/deleted.
  • Posts with poor quality images and clipart will be rejected/deleted.
  • Posts with DMCA claim against them will be removed.
  • If you have accidentally published a blog post twice – we will remove one of the duplicate posts.
  • Offensive words and language. This includes any speech or wording that would damage our relationship with sponsors and advertisers of the site. We reserve the right to remove explicit language from any area of A Money Maven.

What your post can contain:

  • Your posts can contain links back to your personal blog.
  • Your posts can contain affiliate links!  Please note that we reserve the right to add our own links and advertisement to the post.
  • Your post can contain links back to relevant information. Posts with links to brands, products, services or businesses will be highly reviewed and rejected/deleted or links may be removed if suspected to be sponsored or marketed content.

What may cause your post to be rejected:

  • Blurry images
  • Font and font color that is not consistent with the A Money Maven font and color.
  • Font sizing that is not consistent with the font sizing on A Money Maven.
  • Articles that do not have a natural flow.
  • Articles that are hard to understand or read, have irregular paragraph order, story timeline or poor grammar.
  • Inappropriate, illegal or abusive content.
  • Articles that contain no relevant content.

We may remove links that:

  • Lead to any site that is not relevant to the post or A Money Maven content.
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